What is a sleep sack?Everything you need to know for safe sleep

What is a sleep sack?Everything you need to know for safe sleep

Sleep sacks might just be my favourite safe sleep item ever created. These beautiful pieces of fabric ensure that you do not expose your child to unnecessary sleep hazards and ensure your baby is not waking up because they are too hot or too cold.

First off, let's address what a sleep sack actually is. A sleep sack, also known as a sleep bag, is essentially a very spacious sleeping bag that comes in different shapes, sizes, weights and designs to suit your child’s age and development. They ensure the right amount of warmth while keeping your child in the comfort of their crib, free of safety risks that come with having blankets.

Sleep sacks in every size

Sleep sacks offer your child the freedom to stand, sit, roll and even walk in them! They aren’t limiting at all and can provide a great deal of security and comfort to your child. It’s good to make sure they are wearing an appropriate size for their age; they can range from Newborn-5T!!

Choosing your sleep sack fabric

Each brand I have come across offers different fabric options, from polyester and organic cotton to Merino wool! Overall, the fabric is a personal preference. I don’t buy into the “moisture wicking” fabrics because your baby should not be getting sweaty in a sleep sack. If they are, its time to consider if you are using the correct weight, or if you should adjust the clothing your baby is wearing under it. I like softer, snuggly fabrics, but that’s me. I love a good bedtime snuggle with a blanket!


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