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  Sleep sacks are more than just a cute way to dress a sleeping baby. A baby sleep sack is a “wearable blanket” that safely eliminates the need for loose blankets in the crib.Using baby sleep sack can make baby stays warm and cozy, making a better night’s sleep more likely. Biloban’s baby sleep sacks are cozy and soft. Ideal for Spring and Autumn use (1.0 TOG) or for rooms with temperatures exceeding 21ºC. Sleeveless.The outer shell which consists of 100% organic cotton is silky soft to the touch. Making it ideal for delicate baby skin.
  Our sleep sacks are also safe and comfortable.Replaces loose blankets for safer sleeping. Additionally, they are fitted with zip protectors to prevent chafing and a two-way zip makes nappy changing easier.You can use machine to wash at 40º, tumble dry at low temperatures.

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