The  Importance  Of  Sleepsack  And  Blankets

The Importance Of Sleepsack And Blankets

Most newborn babies benefit from swaddling as a cozy and soothing way to transition to a much more spacious environment after birth. Swaddling also keeps babies’ immature startle reflex and normal body movements from waking them. Beyond the newborn phase, wearable blankets are a comfy alternative to loose blankets, which can be unsafe for babies and inconvenient for active toddlers. Here at Baby Sleep Science, one of our mantras for optimal sleep is: Cool,Dark and Quiet. Swaddles and wearable blankets help you keep your little one comfortable while maintaining an ideal, cooler room temperature of 65–70 degrees in their sleep space.

Swaddles and wearable blankets come in a broad spectrum of style, price, materials, versatility and age/size suitability. The examples below are no exception, but the one thing they have in common is that they ranked among our readers’ favorites for keeping their little ones comfortable and warm (but not too warm!) during sleep. 

These square muslin blankets are popular with our readers (and us too!) because they’re simple and versatile. Cut more generously than many other baby blankets, they offer ample room for swaddling a baby, and also boast a variety of other uses, including as an impromptu burp cloth, nursing cover, sun shade or floor covering for tummy time. This means that their usefulness can last long past your baby’s swaddling days.



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