Once you have gotten all the necessary elements for the transition process available, the big question is what is the best way to make the transition with as little resistance as possible from your baby?

Get the crib ready

A great way to get your baby to start sleeping in the crib is to ensure the crib feels extra comfortable. Make sure the crib sheet is not to cool when placing the baby in the crib as this could wake the baby up. A sleep sack is a great way to transition your baby from swaddling and ensure your baby feels warm in the crib.

If your baby loves to be near you before falling asleep, your baby will likely crave your smell when asleep. Try sleeping on the crib sheets before transitioning so that the sheets smell like you and you can create the illusion of being near.

Transition Gradually

Your baby needs to feel safe in the crib and this feeling cannot be developed overnight. Your baby has to feel comfortable in the crib space before transitioning fully. You can move the crib into your room first and get your baby to sleep in it before moving the crib back to your baby’s room.

 You can also try getting your baby to take naps in the crib during the day before trying out transitioning at bedtime. Another helpful tip would be to stay in the room for some time during the initial stage of transitioning until your baby falls asleep and slowly shorten the time until your baby doesn’t need you there to fall asleep anymore.


Length of Transition Process

An important question in the process is how long should it take in transitioning a baby to crib? How long is too long? How short can the time be?

There is no fixed time for the transition process and it could range from a few days to a few weeks depending on how gradual the process is. It could also depend on the baby’s readiness or resistance in moving to nighttime sleep in the crib.



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