How to Get Your Newborn to Sleep

How to Get Your Newborn to Sleep

Every new parent thinks they are ready for the sleepless nights that a newborn brings…until they actually have to deal with continuous sleep  deprivation. It’ not always easy getting your baby to go to sleep, unless your baby seems go to sleep on demand.

Understanding sleep schedule by baby's age is key in knowing what to expect at different stages of your baby's growth. Once you have understood this schedule, you can prepare for a full night's sleep, in due time, by adopting the following sleep tips

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Tip 1: Swaddling Your Baby

Swaddling has been proven to significantly help calm babies when experiencing Moro Reflex. Swaddling keeps their arms and legs tucked close to their bodies, so they stay in place until the baby has calmed down. Not only does the Zen Swaddle keep your babies arms snug, it also provides the comforting pressure and security of a parent’s loving touch with the gently weighted pads on the chest and sides.

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Tip 2: Developing a consistent routine

I say a consistent routine, rather than a schedule, because "schedule" suggests having a set time, while "routine" suggests having consistent activities that lead to nap time which then develops a more predictable schedule.

I strongly recommend adding white noise to your baby's sleep environment as a positive sleep association. 

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Tip 3: Get Strategic About Diaper Changes

Did you know that many babies aren't bothered by sleeping with a wet diaper? Now, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be changing it throughout the night (especially if you're trying to treat a diaper rash), but it does mean you might be changing it more than you need to. 


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