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How to Choose the Right Baby Sleeping Bag for Your Baby, Toddler or Child

What Factors to Consider?

There are many factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the right bag for your child. The main points are

  • Size
  • TOG rating/Warmth
  • Fabric composition and filling
  • What to wear with the Baby Sleeping Bag
  • Travel options

Which Baby Sleeping Bag is best for my baby?

Weighing up all the baby sleeping bag options can be hard. So many choices but which one is right for my baby? Once your baby is able to roll, you should no longer be swaddling your baby. It’s time to move onto a Baby Sleeping Bag to keep baby warm and safe all night. Choosing a good quality, natural sleeping bag for your baby’s sleep conditions is a big decision!


What Size Baby Sleeping Bag?

The most important factor when choosing a baby sleeping bag is size. The wrong size can mean that the baby is not safe. Sleeping bags are designed to fit more snugly at the top so that the baby can’t slip down.  Safety should always be your first consideration. If the baby sleeping bag is too big, your baby may slide around inside it or slip down inside the neck. If the sleeping bag is too small then it could be too tight around baby’s neck or they won’t have enough room to stretch their legs.

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