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Are Crib Bumpers Safe For Your Baby?

What Are Crib Bumpers?

It’s a wild world out there when it comes to all of the baby products on the market! It can be hard to know what’s what, if an item is safe, and what to put on your registry.

Crib bumpers are one of those things you’ve probably seen but might not know much about. So what exactly are crib bumpers?

Crib bumpers are pillow-like walls that sit in or attach to the inside of a baby crib and go around the entirety of the crib.

The idea is that they provide a cushion so your baby won’t hit their head on the slats and a protective wall to keep your baby from getting an arm or leg stuck in-between the slats.

Are Crib Bumpers Safe For My Baby?

These contraptions known as crib bumpers seem like a great idea, right? You can’t bear to think of your little one accidentally hitting their head on the slats of the crib or getting one of their tiny legs stuck in the cracks.

However, your baby bumping their head or getting a limb stuck might not be as much of a concern as you think.

And your baby bumping their head on the crib or getting a limb stuck isn’t likely to be life-threatening, but there are some pretty significant cons to a crib bumper.

Crib bumpers seem beneficial in theory, but upon closer look, they can actually do more harm than good. It turns out that the potential cons of bumpers outweigh the pros.


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