5 Reasons you should use a Baby Sleeping Bag

5 Reasons you should use a Baby Sleeping Bag

The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) recommends no loose bedding or blankets in a baby’s sleep environment. Effectively the baby sleeping bag removes a possible SIDs risk associated with using loose blankets – even cellular ones.

Loose bedding can easily cover your baby’s face, resulting in suffocation or carbon dioxide re-breathing. The AAP guidelines are my holy grail when it comes to safe sleep so if they say no loose bedding I advise following their advice.

  1. They keep baby warm and snug

Very often I find that parents are concerned about their baby being cold at night. A baby sleeping bag helps to tick that box of doubt. Effectively the wearable blanket stays with your baby as they move and the risk of them being kicked off or their lets getting cold is taken away.

There are different tog sleeping bags available across the brands so you can choose a weight that suits the weather that you are experiencing at that time.

I recommend using a 2.5 tog in winter and a 1 tog in summer! Bear in mind that I live in Ireland where the weather can be pretty grim all year round!

  1. Helping to keep things nice and settled

I find the use of a sleeping bag means that any tending to the baby during the night is nice and settled. You are able to do everything while keeping them in their sleeping bag – even a nappy change! I do recommend however that if your baby requires changing at night you look to sleeping bags that zip at the bottom and up the side rather than up the front for easy access!

Keep them in their bag while feeding, settle them and snuggle them – then back into their sleep environment they go without any fuss.

  1. Important part of a bedtime routine

Remember that consistency is key when it comes to helping a baby achieve your family sleep goals. By including a sleeping bag in their sleep routine you are including a stepping stone that they will recognise and will give them the signals that sleep is coming.

  1. They can assist in a baby sleeping through the night

For all of the reasons listed above! They tick a huge safe sleep box. They keep help keep your baby at the right temperature. They aid in keeping night time tending nice and settled and they can form an important part of a bedtime routine.

With all of these important areas met your baby is less likely to fight sleep and sleep more comfortably and get closer to sleeping through the night or achieving your family sleep goals.




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