3Tips For Baby Bedtime Success

3Tips For Baby Bedtime Success

You will be responsible for teaching your child everything they will need to know to survive in this world. First responsibility is to teach your child how to sleep. We have gathered some tried and true tips to help you develop a routine that will promote a good night’s sleep for your baby which will result in well rested, safe, high functioning parents. Isn’t that the best gift you can give your newborn baby?


Tip1: Keep it Cool

Cribs for Kids recommends that a baby’s room is kept between 68 and 72 degrees. Overheating may increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in babies up to one year of age. Avoid overdressing a baby when placing them down for the night.  In cold weather, we recommend a Biloban sleep sack as an additional layer over light pajamas if you feel that you need an extra layer of warmth.


Tip2: Keep Calm and Carry On

While it is not always easy, keeping yourself as calm as possible during sleep training is a must. Your baby will easily pick up on your tension which can result in a cycle of agitation that leaves no one happy and rested. Involving your partner in the routine not only gives you a time-out period to breathe through frustration it also encourages family bonding. If you are alone, the first few weeks during bedtime is a great time period to ask family and friends for help. Always placing your baby back to sleep in a safe sleep environment will give you the peace of mind to walk away briefly and collect yourself before continuing.



Wrapping your baby in a blanket to itsshoulders (swaddling) helps to recreate the snugness of the womb and does wonders for calming a newborn baby. As soon as a baby begins to move around freely or shows signs of trying to roll over, it is recommended that you cease this practice.


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