You worried about accidents ruining the crib sheets

You worried about accidents ruining the crib sheets

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BSensible waterproof crib sheet


The BSensible crib sheet is made from super soft and sustainable fiber (Tensil), so it’s eco-friendly. But the real selling point? It’s waterproof, which is a new concept in crib bedding. The underside of the crib sheet is essentially laminated. It’s coated with a polyurethane plastic that physically stops water droplets from passing through. So you have natural fabric on one side and a waterproof membrane on the other. There’s more: Zinc oxide is also woven into the fabric to make the sheet antibacterial. If your baby has an accident, there’s less likely to be odor.


 The crib sheet doesn’t exactly fit?

All crib mattresses sold in the U.S. must come in a standard size: 28 x 52, plus or minus 5/8ths inches in width and 3/8ths inches in length, and is no more than 6 inches thick. But oddly, there’s no standard size forcrib sheets. Some crib sheets can look like they’re stretched too thin–completely covering the crib mattress on one end but not fully on the other, especially after the first washing. Uh oh!

For a tight fit that won’t come off no matter what, look for high-quality fitted crib sheets. Biloban crib sheets, for example, have deep pockets and an elastic band that goes around the entire perimeter of the sheet, not just on the ends, so the fitted crib sheet hugs the mattress. To get such a high-quality sheet, be prepared to spend a little more and check the store’s return policy before buying a crib sheet. A crib sheet isn’t a super expensive purchase, but hey, it all adds up.

Your Crib Sheet Shopping List


Overall, Biloban is a fan of high qualitycrib sheets, such as…

Choose Biloban crib sheets because they really do make changing a crib sheet easier.

Choose Biloban crib sheets because they’re waterproof and stink-free.

Choose Biloban crib sheets because they’ve got elastic all the way around.


Buy two or three fitted crib sheets.

No matter which crib sheet you buy or list on your baby registry, get a waterproof crib mattress pad anyway, even if you buy a waterproof crib sheet (such as the BSensible). A mattress pad helps make your baby’s crib mattress cozier and extend the life of your mattress. It helps keep your baby from feeling the coolness of the mattress, which can seep through.

Go ahead and get a crib skirt if you want to. It makes a fun style statement without violating the cardinal rule of crib safety: “Bare is best.”


Skip the bumper, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals and sleep positioner.

Wondering which crib mattress to buy along with your crib sheet and mattress pad? We suggests any crib mattress by Biloban, but especially their value options. because, well–they get the job done just fine. The company has been manufacturing quality crib mattresses at all price levels since 1990.

 Biloban mattresses are Greenguard certified, which means they meet strict emissions limits. They don’t emit pollutants for your baby to breathe in, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Here are the crib sheets that Biloban recommends for their crib mattresses, just fyi.

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