Would You Like to Talk About Crib Bumper Pads?

Would You Like to Talk About Crib Bumper Pads?

It is necessary to have a crib bumper pads for the baby while the baby's bed is being purchased. But some of the baby's crib bumper pads is not attached to the bed, and if I go to buy crib bumper pads which is not suitable, the mother will think of making a crib bumper pads for the baby, and the method of making the bumpers of the baby's bed is not known.
crib bumper pads

What is the making process for crib bumper pads?

This crib bumper pads is in very small time to do, at that time did not shoot the production process chart, can only directly on the finished product chart, but the production is not difficult, in this simple to say, we should see to understand.
1.Prepare the required materials.
2.Measure the size of the bed, cut the fabric and sponge pad.
3.Start sewing. Because they are straight seams, relatively or very simple, attention should be in the back of the seam, after the three sides of the seam, the last side is not fully sewn, leaving a long mouth not sewn, turn over to install zipper.
4.The bed is sewn to make the edge of the rope, the use is to use this rope tied to the crib bumper pads.
5.After the crib bumper pads and the rope are done, the sponge cushion is stuffed in, a beautiful crib bumper pads is done, see the finished product drawing is not very fulfilling? What treasure mom needs can make one for her own baby.
 crib bumper pads

What is the role of the crib bumper pads?

1.When the baby generally grows to a certain stage, it will flip its own side, or roll, or, when playing, it is easy to fall off the crib by accident, which will hurt the baby. If you have a crib bumper pads, you don't have to worry about it. Having a crib bumper pads will keep the baby safe.
2.The design of crib bumper pads is generally windproof and breathable. As soon as the baby is born, it can give the baby a warm touch and wrap it in a soft little world. Let the baby sleep better.
3.Babies are love to move, love to climb, feet also like to move, there is a crib bumper pads around the words, can prevent the baby's feet stuck in the crib gap.
4.The sleeping baby, more or less will shake the quilt, or sleep at this end, wake up at that end, with the crib bumper pads, this problem can be completely relieved.
5.When the baby sleeps, the hands or feet, from time to time, get used to getting out of bed and stuck in the fence. If the baby is a little fat or if it happens, it will hurt. With the crib bumper pads, not only can protect the baby from cold. It can also protect the hands and feet of the baby.
Crib bed is specially designed for infants and young children. Crib size is also particularly important in crib bumper pads. In daily life, the baby cradle we often see belongs to the category of crib. When it comes to crib size, friends must know the following: height is a special consideration in crib design, crib should not be too high, otherwise it will not be easy to put the baby, nor can it be too low, otherwise it will lead to accidents, therefore, the height of crib should be in the range of 35-50cm. The length of crib is better than1.2 m, and the width of crib is better within 75cm, so that adults can move the crib bumper pads more conveniently.
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