Why use organic cotton made products for your baby

Why use organic cotton made products for your baby

Whether you are welcoming your first baby or you are adding another one to your family, there are plenty of things you want to do to be prepared. While parents with older kids are likely to have some of the supplies and experience to help them through those first sleepless nights, each child is different and requires attention based on their individuality. For instance, skin sensitivity to certain chemicals.

Many parents buy cotton products for their wee ones believing that this is the best for their babies. However, that is not necessarily the case. While it is certainly preferable to some of the other fabrics on the market, conventional cotton is laden with chemicals. Even the softest, cutest little onesie could be the cause of your baby's rash.

Unfortunately, this process frequently uses formaldehyde, a chemical known to be dangerous to humans. It is actually used in a variety of clothing processes and is one of the causes some people cannot wear certain clothing. For babies, this problem can be exacerbated due to their sensitive skin.

Instead, consider switching to organic cotton for all of your baby's needs. Diapers, sheets,changing pad covers and clothing made from organic cotton and processed naturally will not contain these chemicals which could harm your baby. These products sometimes cost a bit more than their conventionally made counterparts, but the benefits are well worth it.

Many parents today choose to use cloth diapers for the health of their children and the planet. However, if you notice that your baby has a frequent rash, it might be due to the chemicals that are in the materials. Contact with urine might exacerbate their sensitivities to them. Organic cloth diapers can be easily found today. Just like sheets and other items, organic cloth diapers come in direct touch with your baby's delicate skin and therefore are gentler and safer for your baby.


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