Why Our Biloban Crib Sheets are 100% Organic Cotton

Why Our Biloban Crib Sheets are 100% Organic Cotton

We know that one of the most important jobs as parents is to keep our kids safe and healthy. We also know it isn’t always easy to do, which is why we’re here to lend a helping hand. All of our crib fitted sheets and Biloban's sheets are 100% organic cotton. And many of you don’t have the ability to walk through our store aisles and feel the quality for yourself. Merely touching a sheet at a given store isn’t reflective of the long-term softness of that sheet in your  bedroom or nursery. Here’s a little about the thought that goes into selecting the fibers for all of our 100% cotton sheets, and find out why all of our Biloban' sheets are now organic. They’re better for both your little ones and the planet.

Organic cotton breathes better.

Organic cotton breathes, allowing kids’ sweat to evaporate through the sheet and helping small bodies keep a more regulated temperature throughout the night. That means your kids can stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Organic cotton sheets are also made without synthetic chemicals.

Polyester, on the other hand, holds all that sweaty grossness in, making kids too warm (and making the sheets pretty icky).

Organic cotton is naturally soft.

When it comes to long-term quality of your bedding, nothing beats cotton. It’ll only get softer with wear.

Sheets come into direct contact with your baby's skin for almost a third of every day, and you want their naps to be soft and safe. Organic sheets are especially beneficial for kids with skin allergies because they are made without the harmful, irritating chemicals that traditionally cause reactions. Paired with an organic mattress and pillow, they can also help kids with asthma breathe easier at night.



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