Why Do I Need A Crib Rail Cover?

Why Do I Need A Crib Rail Cover?

When you put baby down to sleep, you want to make sure he's as comfortable and safe as possible. To make baby's crib safe yet comfy, you'll likely keep blankets, pillows and soft toys out, and wrap him in his sleep sack before bedtime.

One concern many parents have regarding crib coziness is the hard material the rails are made of. The thought of your little one bumping his head on wood or hard plastic might keep you up at night. Additionally, babies and toddlers can get into a little bit of trouble when awake and alone in their crib.Teething is a natural stage of development that every baby goes through.

Therefore, it’s necessary to choose safe crib rail covers for your baby's bed. Crib rail covers can keep your baby's gums protected while teething.Ultimately, the crib rail cover is a rail guard that covers either the front, back, or both crib rails on your baby's crib. Most of the time, new moms cover both railings to ensure their baby is protected. The purpose of a crib rail cover is to prevent your baby from biting the crib during his/her teething phase. It also keeps both the baby and the crib safe from each other! First, and most importantly, the crib rail cover protects the baby from possibly ingesting the stain, paint, or whatever coating was used when making the crib. If you own a crib made of wood, the crib rail cover is even more important because it protects your baby from potential splinters if he/she were to gnaw on it with sensitive gums.

If you stand your baby up in his crib, you will notice that the rail lines up perfectly with your little one’s mouth. This makes the crib rail the perfect option soothe your baby’s inflamed gums.

A crib rail cover is a great solution that can protect your baby and extend the life of your baby’s crib.Crib rail covers also add a pop of color and style to your baby’s room. They come in all different colors and prints which can be an easy, functional complement to your baby’s room decor. Needless to say, purchasing a crib rail cover for your baby’s crib has benefits.

1. Protect your baby from the crib

Baby cribs were not designed to be chewed on. If your baby chews on the crib, not only does he risk swallowing wood stain, varnish or paint chips but also risks getting splinters stuck in his gums. If you thought your baby was cranky from teething then you definitely do not want to experience a baby with gum splinters.

2. Protect the crib from your baby

A crib is a big investment. Many parents who plan to have more than one child will often reuse a baby crib. A crib rail cover can help protect your baby, and it also can help protect his/her crib from damage from chewing.

Consider all of the information provided in this article and your individual preferences in terms of style, function and design when making your choice of which crib rail cover will be the best pick for your baby.

Biloban quilted 3 pieces crib rail cover is certified by Oeko-tax 100 and is free of PVC, lead or BPA, which is totally safe to your little baby. Padded with ideal thickness microfiber filling, Biloban crib rail cover will protect your crib from teething marks and keep your baby from chewing crib rails while teething. The covers can be used reversibly with ultra soft fiber, which will give parents an extra peace of mind!

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