Why are bassinet mattresses so thin and hard

Why are bassinet mattresses so thin and hard

The short answer to the question of why bassinet mattresses are so thin and hard is simple; Sleep Safety. However, the complete answer has a little more to it. There are other not so obvious reasons for the design and understanding them can help you choose the best bassinet for your needs.

If you are afraid that the bassinet mattress is too uncomfortable for your little one, or you are worried that its stiffness might give your baby a flat head, we urge you not to fear. These are common concerns for new parents but there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t worry about it.

Bassinet Mattress Features

Before we dig into the “fears”, let’s first have a quick look at the basic features to look out for in a bassinet mattress:

  • Firmness
  • Snug fit
  • Easy to clean
  • Made with baby-safe materials

The safety of your baby during sleep time is paramount. In fact, in the United States, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the number one cause of death in infants less than one-year-old.

Why Are Bassinet Mattresses So Thin

Parents are also advised to ensure that the thickness of the infant's crib or bassinet's mattress is not more than one inch thick. This is because if the mattress is too thick and soft, an infant may sink their head into the padding, which increases their risk of suffocation.

That's the main reason most bassinet mattresses are thin and hard, they allow baby to breath even if they end up face down.



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