Why a Breathable Pack n Play Mattress Pad /Protector Is Good for Your Baby?

Why a Breathable Pack n Play Mattress Pad /Protector Is Good for Your Baby?

According to statistics, the average baby only wakes up for seven hours a day, and the rest of the time is spent sleeping as much as possible.No wonder babies are always smiling and optimistic!Getting enough sleep helps your baby's brain develop, and during this process, all your mom has to do is make sure your baby gets a good night's sleep.

Anyways, since babies spend most of their early life within the confines of a crib an essential question arises on how to pick out the right crib. However, that is usually the easy part. The hard bit is determining what sort of pack n play mattress pad is best for your little one, the answer to which is a breathable pack n play mattress pad/protector. Here are some of the reasons why.

First things first: What is a breathable pack n play mattress pad/protector?

It’s exactly as its name suggests: a porous or permeable pack n play mattress pad/protector that allows the passage of air throughout the surface and the interior. This property comes in handy with babies who defiantly prefer to sleep as they wish and sometimes do so with their face to the mattress which puts them at great risk of SIDS i.e. sudden infant death syndrome. To alleviate this, parent’s need to be on hand to ensure their babies sleep on their backs at all times but a breathable pack n play mattress pad/protector offers a hassle-free solution that allows your baby to sleep however he/she desires without worrying about suffocation. The mattress allows for the free-flow of air even when your child has his nose tucked in below the surface.

The advantages a breathable pack n play mattress pad/protector offers

Choosing the right pack n play mattress pad/protector can be a challenging affair given the endless sea of options available on the material however you can never go wrong with a breathable pack n play mattress pad/protector. It is a joy to both babies and parents alike for the following reasons:

It reduces sweating

Most conventional mattresses take on a solid build which traps heat and consequently results in too much sweating which doesn’t bode too well with youngsters. A breathable pack n play mattress pad/protector circumvents this by keeping the sleeping area aerated and cool at all times. Problems of overheating are therefore avoided and your toddler can get his/her desired 17 hours of sleep with ease.

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It keeps mold and bacteria at bay

The free flow of air alleviates wet conditions that are hotbeds for bed mites, germs, and molds thanks to the perforations that hinder the buildup of moisture on the surface. By keeping the surface and even the inside dry, it tackles the failings of the contemporary mattress in this regard. Mold and bacteria are kept at bay and by extension so too are the various diseases and infections that arise as a result.

Reduced risk of Suffocation

As the material is well perforated to allow the flow of air throughout the surface, your baby will always have enough air at all times no matter how he/she sleeps. Face up or face down, you’ll have nothing to worry about as your baby can basically breathe through the material of the pack n play mattress pad/protector.

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Make your baby sleep as well

It is often said that you should wake a sleeping baby, and this mattress ensures that by getting around the need to flip your baby over when he/she opts to tummy sleep. The baby can get his/her share of uninterrupted sleep and you can get yours without having to constantly be on the lookout for wrong sleeping postures that could induce SIDS.

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Final advice

A traditional pack n play mattress pad/protector is a far cry from a breathable design in all respects and is therefore not an option.Your baby is the most precious person in your life and you always want the best for him or her. The best choice when it comes to pack n play mattress pad/protector will be a breathable variety, from typical design flaws.This pack n play mattress pad/protector excels at maintaining good temperatures, skilled bacterial protection, and most importantly, baby safety.

If the pack n play mattress pad your baby is using isn't a breathable one, or if you're thinking of buying one, don't worry, we can provide you with some ideas.If you want to know more, you can go to our website:


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