What Makes the Best Bassinet Sheets?

What Makes the Best Bassinet Sheets?

When is comes to bassinet sheets and your baby’s sleep, safety should always come first. We always suggest going with sheets made by the manufacturer of the bassinet you have. There are however some third party manufacturers that make very good (and safe) sheets to use. You just need to make sure they are the exact right size for your bassinet.

But there is more to it. Here are the factors we take into consideration when choosing the best bassinet sheet.

Soft to touch

Just like your sheets, you don’t want your baby to be rubbing his sweet newborn face on rough materials. Not only is it uncomfortable but baby skin can be extremely sensitive.

When choosing the best bassinet sheet make sure to check the materials and always go for soft, high quality cotton when available.


Most things that will get on your bassinet sheets will be in liquid form. If you want to change only the sheets, you may want to make sure they are waterproof. If not, you may find yourself changing the mattress cover and even having to wash the mattress depending on the size of the mess.

Don’t risk it, and get some waterproof sheets if they are available for your model of bassinet.

Strong Elastics

The elastics that wraps around the edge of the mattress is what keeps it taut and therefore safe for your baby to sleep on. If the elastics are not strong enough and not properly located on the sheets, they may become loose or come off the mattress and that is what can be dangerous.

We always check that the elastics are doing their job well before settling on the winner.

Perfect Sizing

Your bassinet sheets should be made for your bassinet, period. Do not buy a generic sheet or one that was made for another model bassinet.

In the bassinet world, each manufacturer designs bassinets slightly differently so there is no standard bassinet sizing (unlike full-size cribs which are almost always the same size). If you are looking for sheets, you must ensure they ere made for your bassinet and your mattress size.

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