What Kind of Baby Crib Sheets Are the Best?

What Kind of Baby Crib Sheets Are the Best?

What kind of baby crib sheets are the best? The answer is bamboo baby sheets, of course! These crib sheets have the following three advantages over other types of baby bedding.

  • First, bamboo sheets are the softest crib sheets.
  • Second, they are much healthier than their counterparts.
  • Third and finally, they are extremely practical.


Bamboo crib sheets are one of the best bedding options because they are surprisingly soft and smooth. In fact, bamboo is softer than cotton and as smooth as silk. When you lay your little angel into their crib at night, the soft fabric of bamboo gently encircles them and they feel like they are snuggling up to a fluffy cloud.

Soft to the Touch

So, why is bamboo incredibly soft? Well, bamboo is so soft because its fibers are loose and pliant. This loose structure causes bamboo to be exceptionally supple, giving it a plush feel when you pinch it between your fingers.

Soft on Sensitive Skin

Additionally, bamboo crib sheets are astonishingly smooth. Having smooth sheets is important because your infant’s skin is quite sensitive. For example, if your little one has a rash, the rough texture of cheap sheets can aggravate their already sore skin. The more irritated their rash becomes, the longer it takes to heal.

More importantly, the longer it takes for your baby’s rash to heal, the longer your little sweetheart is uncomfortable and unhappy, and we all know that an unhappy baby means an unhappy mommy.

If you want to discover more about how bamboo helps your newborn’s skin, read 3 ways bamboo bedding will help your baby's sensitive skin.


In addition to being the softest crib sheets, bamboo is one of the healthiest options for your infant. These crib sheets are healthier than traditional bedding for a couple of reasons. First, bamboo is never treated with harsh chemicals. Second, it is antimicrobial.


Most traditional bed sets are treated with chemicals. For instance, cotton bedding is often treated with formaldehyde and boric acid to make it more wrinkle and fire resistant.

However, the onslaught of chemicals starts well before the cotton reaches the factory. When cotton is out in the fields, it’s sprayed with pesticides. In fact, cotton uses 22.8% of all pesticides used worldwide. The residue from these pesticides remains even after you’ve washed your child’s bedding multiple times.

Organic bamboo bedding, on the other hand, is never treated with pesticides or harsh chemicals. This means that you never have to worry about your sweet little angel breathing in these chemicals as they snooze on their bamboo crib sheets. Moreover, you never have to worry about their bedding irritating their delicate skin.


In addition to being chemical-free, bamboo prevents microbes from living in your baby’s bed. Bamboo discourages microbial growth because it significantly reduces the amount of water in your child’s crib. As a result, microbes (such as bacteria and dust mites) can’t grow and multiple because they don’t have enough water to survive.

When bacteria and dust mites can’t make your infant’s bed their home, your little one doesn’t become sick as often. Additionally, they are less likely to suffer from and develop allergies when their bed is free of allergens like dust mites.


These crib sheets aren’t only healthy; they’re also very practical. Bamboo crib sheets are a practical choice for two reasons. One, they’re stain-resistant and two, they’re washable.


If you have a baby, you know that they can create a huge mess. If they’re not spitting up, their bottle is leaking or their nose is running. After a few months, all of these fluids can take a toll on their bedding. That’s why it’s important for your child’s crib sheets to be stain-resistant.

If you’re looking for a bed set that can withstand this wear and tear, bamboo bedding is perfect. It doesn’t soak up the spit up, milk, and snot like traditional cotton bedding because it’s unabsorbent. Since it never absorbs these fluids, it doesn’t stain.

As a matter of fact, bamboo bedding can last up to 15 years since it doesn’t discolor from normal use. That means you could use one set of crib sheets for your first, second, third, and all the way up to your seventh child– if you had that many!


While being stain-resistant is vital, it’s also important that your little one’s sheets are washable. Having your sheets look crisp and new after 15 years doesn’t mean much if they’re a pain to clean in the meantime.

Fortunately, bamboo sheets are machine washable even though they are a luxury item. All you have to do is throw them in the wash with the rest of your laundry and you’re good to go!

In summary, bamboo baby crib sheets are the best crib sheets for your baby. To begin with, bamboo sheets cradle your newborn with their soft, smooth texture. Next, they help your darling to be healthier because their bed set is never treated with chemicals. Their bedding is also antimicrobial. Lastly, you can use these sheets for more than one child because they’re durable and washable!

Soft, healthy, and practical– What more could you ask for in a set of crib sheets? If you want to buy the best sheets for your little sweetheart, invest in a set of luxurious bamboo crib sheets today!

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