What is The Material of The Crib Bumper Pads?

What is The Material of The Crib Bumper Pads?

Our crib bumper pads is made of microfiber polyester. The polyester (PET) microfiber is a synthetic fiber spun by an ester-based polymer chain of each of the links in the macromolecular chain, and the polyester is abbreviated as PET.

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How about the material of the crib bumper pads?

Polyester microfiber has a series of excellent properties, such as high fracture strength and elastic modulus, moderate resilience, excellent thermal setting effect, good heat resistance and light resistance. The melting point of polyester fiber is about 255 ℃, the glass transition temperature is about 70 ℃, the shape is stable under a wide range of end-use conditions, the fabric has washability, in addition, it also has excellent resistance (such as resistance to organic solvents, soap, detergent, bleach, oxidant) and good corrosion resistance, stable to weak acid, alkali and so on, so it has a wide range of use and industrial applications. With the rapid development of petroleum industry, polyester microfiber has also provided more abundant and cheap raw materials for the production of polyester fiber. In addition, with the development of chemical industry, machinery, electronic automatic control technology and other technologies in recent years, the process of raw material production, fiber forming and processing has gradually realized short-range, continuous, automation and high-speed. Polyester microfiber has become the fastest-growing and highest-yield synthetic fiber variety. Polyester microfiber is widely used as civil fabric and industrial fabric because of its high strength such as crib bumper pads. high modulus and low water absorption. As a textile material, polyester staple fiber can be pure spinning, but also especially suitable for blending with other fibers; it can be mixed with natural fibers such as cotton, hemp and wool, as well as with other chemical staple fibers such as sticky fiber, acetate fiber, polyacrylic fiber and so on. The cotton-like, wool-like and hemp-like fabrics made of pure spinning or blending generally have the original excellent characteristics of polyester microfiber, such as wrinkle resistance and pleating retention, dimensional stability, wear resistance, washability and so on, while some of the original shortcomings of polyester fiber, such as electrostatic phenomenon and dyeing difficulty in textile processing, poor sweat absorption and air permeability, easy to melt into voids in the event of Mars, etc. It can be alleviated and improved with the mixing of hydrophilic fibers to a certain extent.
crib bumper pads

How is the feeling of the crib bumper pads?

Fabric stays new after every wash - satin resistant ultimate protection for your baby
- padded with high density microfiber filling, crib bumper pads will protect your baby's head from crib rails and prevent arms, legs from getting caught. Crib bumper pads is usually very soft and durable, lightweight.

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