What is The Difference Between Different Types of Protable Beds For Kids?

What is The Difference Between Different Types of Protable Beds For Kids?

Playpens and playards are also compared (and even confused) with other types of portable beds. It's essential to know the difference because each one has a specific purpose.

Maybe one of those solutions will best suit your needs.

Mini crib

A mini crib is precisely what you think it is; a smaller version of a regular crib! It's not foldable or portable (like a portable crib or playard), even if it might come with wheels (like a standard crib).

The mattress of a regular crib is mainly 28 by 52 in. and a mini crib mattress is 24 by 38 in. This is the ideal solution when you don't have enough floor space available for a standard crib.

The only downside of a mini crib is the limited time your kid will be able to use it. You'll need to switch to a toddler bed sooner if you opt for a mini crib.

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Portable crib

The portable crib is regularly confused with a playard because some manufacturer advertises their playards as portable cribs. However, a real portable crib is like a mini crib but with the option of being quickly disassembled. Each panel/side of the portable crib can be taken apart and lay flat to be store or transport easily. No special tools are required.

Portable baby bed

Even if playards are technically portable baby beds, they have different purposes.

A portable baby bed is intended only for sleeping, and they are not a safe space to let your child play without your constant supervision.

The playard has tall walls that keep your baby from "escaping," while the portable baby bed only has a small contour to keep your baby from rolling out of bed.

The most common baby bed is a simple rectangular frame made of fabrics or inflatable side cushions.

Some portable baby bed models look like a pop-up tent, and they are suitable only with a newborn. The material is lightweight and flexible but not secure enough for a baby that can crawl. Your little explorer could tip the bed and get stuck in an uncomfortable position.

Other types of portable kid beds are more similar to a camping bed. They have no safety railing on the side, as they are meant for older children (4 years or more).

Every type of portable bed can be folded and are ideal for traveling with young children. Still, playards have more useful features for everyday use.
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