What Is a Crib Sheet?

What Is a Crib Sheet?

A crib sheet is usually known as a cheat sheet or a writer’s style guide. It comes in various formats and designs. Generally, a crib sheet is any document that serves as a guide or manual that writers follow to comply with the standards and protocols of a particular industry or work.

Crib sheets are considered as an informal document. It makes a complex topic or procedure easy to understand, familiarize and comprehend.

Uses of Crib Sheets

To understand the dynamics of crib sheets, below are the specific fields that uses crib sheets:

  • School works – Both students and teachers can benefit from the legitimate use of crib sheets. For students, specifically, it can serve as their study guides or memory aid. Coming up with a crib sheet is a strategy in itself. For teachers, they can use the crib sheet in as a guide in conducting classes. They can include the topic points in the crib sheet templates in Excel and make some necessary updates from if needed.

For other professionals, they can make use of crib sheets if ever they are bombarded with routinary tasks that involves complex guidelines and tools. Cheat sheets can help them simplify their tasks in order to manage them efficiently and comprehensively.

How to Develop a Student Crib Sheet?

Prepare a separate crib sheet for a particular subject matter—this is just a general rule. However, if you’re comfortable with integrating all subjects in one crib, it is still possible. Just choose the option that is convenient for you.


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