What are the best waterproof bassinet mattress pads?

What are the best waterproof bassinet mattress pads?

When shopping for organic baby bedding don’t forget an organic waterproof bassinet mattress pad. You’ll need this breathable, protective layer to keep your baby’s bed dry and comfy. Why organic? Because it’s a natural, healthy alternative to conventional mattress protectors made from vinyl or other non-wicking materials treated with harmful chemicals.

Which organic waterproof bassinet mattress pad is best for your baby?

Ourorganic baby bedding collection includes several types of organic waterproof mattress pads; each one is made from certified organic natural fibers and inert waterproof protection. All of these pads do a great job at moisture control. Choose the best one for your baby based on your material preference, how it feels and your budget.

  • Flat Organic Wool Moisture Pad: this soft, felted wool mattress pad offers the most natural moisture protection. No waterproof barrier added. That’s because wool naturally absorbs up to 30% of its weight in moisture before soaking through. It’s not only very absorbent it also deters dust-mites and adds a light layer of cozy thermal warmth.
  • Flat Organic Cotton Flannel Mattress Pad: this flat Naturepedic pad is made from two layers of soft, absorbent cotton flannel with an ultra-thin waterproof barrier sandwiched in between. The inert material uses DrySleep™ technology, which makes the pad breathable and super effective in blocking liquids from passing through.
  • Fitted Organic Cotton Flannel Mattress Pad: this Naturepedic fitted pad  uses the same organic cotton flannel and waterproof technology as the flat version above. The only difference is this one has side pockets and elastic all the around the bottom for a snug fit on your crib mattress.
  • Stretchy, Fitted Organic Cotton Knit Mattress Protector: if you like the cozy feel of organic cotton knit you’ll like this soft,strenchy mattress pad by Gotcha Covered. It feels like a jersey knit bassinet sheet, sort of like your favorite worn & loved T-shirt. But it’s completely waterproofed with a thin film of inert polyurethane.

Why do you need a bassinet mattress pad?

We highly recommend an organic waterproof pad to protect your non-waterproof crib mattress. Some of our customers double-up on pads for extra protection, i.e. a fitted Naturepedic Organic Cotton Waterproof Pad with an Organic Wool Moisture Pad.

Even if you have a crib mattress with a waterproof finish it is a good idea to use a crib mattress pad. The mattress pad provides absorbency and helps manage moisture (i.e. leaking diaper, spit up, drooling, etc.). It helps prevent irritation to baby’s skin from exposure to a pool of moisture.

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