What are important safety considerations with playard sheets?

What are important safety considerations with playard sheets?

While most parents would consider a pack n play to be a necessary buy before their baby arrives, they may wonder whether or not they need sheets for their pack n play, are these necessary?

Sheets for pack n play are completely optional. Purchasing sheets can make the pack n play easier to clean up after spills and general use, but special consideration should be made if you plan on letting your baby sleep with them.

When you’re a family on the go, a pack n play or a portable crib can make your life so much easier. It gives your little one a safe space to play and sleep anywhere you go. And whether you use your pack n play daily or just every once in a while, you’ll want some nice quality playard sheets to keep your little one cozy, so they sleep as well as they do at home in their crib.

If you’ve been using a playard without a sheet, you’ve probably noticed that the pack n play mattress isn’t exactly super comfortable on its own. The mattress might feel a bit rough or cold on your baby’s skin as they sleep. Plus, if they use their pack n play for playing too, a pack n play sheet will give them a clean surface to nap on.

The most important safety consideration to keep in mind before you buy sheets for your playard is the fit. You’ll want to make sure that it isn’t too loose or tight on your pack n play mattress to protect your baby from any potential risk of suffocation and to create a safe sleep environment. Their play mattress should also stay flat and securely in place.

If you’ve ever purchased a fitted sheet for your baby’s crib or playard mattress only to have it shrink in the dryer, you’ll appreciate that Biloban pack n play sheets are already pre-shrink. It's important for a playard sheet to fit properly to create a safe sleep environment for your baby, and these sheets are also very stretchy and should fit most playard. What’s more, the lightweight jersey cotton sheet is breathable, so you don’t have to worry about your baby overheating.

This pack n play sheet set comes in several stylish options with cute heart and star designs in pink or gender-neutral gray. They’re made of 100% jersey cotton and feel very soft on the skin, so your little one will be comfortable when they sleep. These sheets are nice quality wash well without pilling, too. If you have a larger pack n play, check the sizing info before you purchase these sheets or you can choose the custom cotton sheet for the size you need. Overall, they are a cute, stylish and various options that would fit most playard well.

So do I need sheets for pack n play n play? Hope you already have the answer. As we all know, sheets are easier to clean and dry when your little makes a mess. It protects mattress from getting trashy and stinky. They are baby skin-friendly and super soft that helps little ones to sleep better and make them feel loved. You can also get a set of 2 sheets as a backup one for midnight accidents. If you want to know more about pack n play mattress sheet, please check our website.


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