What Are Changing Pad Covers?

What Are Changing Pad Covers?

Most of today’s baby registries hold hundreds of different items. Feeding supplies, diapers and nursery furniture usually top the list. Since there are so many options out there, it can be difficult to decide what’s absolutely necessary and what’s okay to skip. 

If you’re searching for the absolute essentials, make sure to add a changing pad cover to your list. While many people don’t think of them when buying baby items, they’re actually very important for keeping your nursery clean and comfortable. Learn more below about why you need them, how to shop for them and when to swap them out for new ones. Once baby comes, you’ll be glad you have a few on hand. 

Changing pad covers look like little sheets. You put them on top of your diaper changing pad and fit them on like a pillowcase. Most changing pads sit atop your diaper changing table, which may be a separate piece of furniture or a table attached directly to your baby’s crib. You can buy pad covers to match your child’s regular sheets or choose a different style that complements the main sheet set.  

The covers come in a variety of bedding materials for every season and preference. Cotton and organic cotton are among the most popular types of changing pad cover materials throughout the year. Along with muslin, they’re also ideal for spring and summer bedding, as well as for homes with mild, comfortable temperatures. When it gets chilly outside, you can choose from fleece or plush polyester blends. Vinyl is also available for families who prefer an easy-clean material. If you like the feel of cotton but want to add a little warmth and texture, there are some styles with ultra-soft fabric on each side of the cover. Find them in a host of colors and prints. 

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