What Age Can My Baby Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?

What Age Can My Baby Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?

The majority of first time parents worry about letting their baby sleep with stuffed animals in their cribs for the earliest time! Letting a baby keep their infant stuffed animal by their side while they sleep could be a risky move.

When Can Babies Sleep With a Stuffed Animal?

Most people seem to think nowadays that the right age for babies to be given their first baby sleep bear or stuffed toy to sleep with once they are able to move about on their own.

Most babies will hit this milestone at around a year of age. So, if you want to get some plush toys for babies to go in your little one’s crib, wait until they hit this milestone first to be safe.

What will you choose Toddler Pillows or Soft Toys?

Many new parents will think about getting their little one a toddler pillow instead of a soft toy. These both come with different benefits and drawbacks.

Understanding which type of comfort toy is better for your baby will help you to get him the right sort of comforter.

However, toddlers do not need pillows, and this is a common misconception. In fact, since their heads are so much smaller than an adult’s head, they don’t need the extra neck supports that adults and older children benefit from.

It is worthwhile to remember that toddlers are escape artists, too. If you get your toddler a pillow for his crib, make sure you remember that he could use it to climb out!



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