Crib mattress pad- everything you need to know

Crib mattress pad- everything you need to know

Did you just buy a new crib mattress for your baby? If so, you’ll want to protect it from liquids, allergens, and other irritants that can harm both the mattress and your child.

Crib mattress pads are an affordable and effective way to add an extra layer of protection. We have asked our customers and collected the top 3 most asked questions parents have about crib mattress pad, hope the answers of these questions will help you out. 

  • 1. Are mattress pads safe for babies?
To be safe for baby, mattress pads should always fit securely around the mattress so there is no loose bedding in the crib. Biloban crib mattress pad offers snug fit for standard crib 52" x 28", provide ultimate comfort
  • 2. Do cribs need mattress pads?
Crib mattress pads allow for easy changing when accidents occur. Due to this, most parents choose to have two on hand. The pads will also serve as a great addition to the nursery during toddler years to make bigger messes easier to handle.
  • 3. Will crib mattress pad protect against dust mites?
Well that depends. Biloban crib mattress pads do help protect against dust mites. The breathable construction allows for maximum airflow, and the hypoallergenic & hygroscopic cotton jersey knit fabric can also help regulate baby's temperature and that'll create an environment which dust mites unlikely to grow. 

Therefore we highly recommend you to try Biloban crib mattress protector if you decide to buy one for your baby!

Biloban’s signature crib mattress protector incorporates with SGS tested highly breathable waterproof membrane is designed to improve health and offer fluid protection and give added comfort to the crib mattress.The protector is totally undetectable and silent that could provide your baby a restful night’s sleep. It's  also very durable that could go through hundreds of washes. 

Shop now to get the best crib mattress pads that'll make your life easier, with cleanup, allergy protection, and more!

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