Three tips help your babies grow better

Three tips help your babies grow better

Having a newborn is already difficult enough. However it is still a long journey for you to help your baby grows. But don’t worry, we are here to offer some tips that may help you to feel more relief.

About diaper

It’s quite a tough challenge for every new parent. Most of people don’t even know how exactly the diaper looks like before having their baby. It’s not surprise that changing a dirty diaper becomes an agony if nobody with experience has told you the tips.

When changing your baby, you can put a clean diaper underneath before you take off the used diaper. It won’t get dirty if your baby poops or pees while you are changing the diaper, it will go directly into the new diaper instead of on the changing pad. Also you may need a diaper pail liner to put the dirty diaper.


About changing pad cover and liner

When setting up your changing pad, put a cover on it, then a waterproof liner, then another cover, and another waterproof liner.

This way, if the top liner gets wet or dirty you can just take it off and finish changing your baby instead of having to figure out how to handle a poopy undressed baby and a messy changing pad cover while you are sleep deprived, your baby is crying, and you are leaking milk from your boobies. 

If the changing pad cover gets dirty too, just remove it and you have a whole other set of changing pad with waterproof liner underneath.


About mattress protector and sheets

This is a useful trick because it helps you out when you need it most - in the middle of the night.

Put a waterproof mattress protector over the bassinet mattress, then put on a sheet. Then add a mattress protector on top of the first sheet, covered with another sheet.

Now when your baby gets the sheets wet from a completely wet diaper or from throwing up the whole bottle of milk they just drank, you don't have to change the whole sheet set. This is especially helpful for wet sheets in the middle of the night. Just remove the top sheet and top mattress protector and put your baby back down to sleep after changing their diaper. Deal with the messy sheet in the morning.

If your baby sleeps in a crib, you can do the same thing with a crib protector and crib sheets.

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