The Safety Toddler pillow For Your Baby

The Safety Toddler pillow For Your Baby

What About Safety?

Even though most children over two are capable of sleeping with a toddler pillow without the risk of suffocation, that doesn’t mean you should throw just any adult-size toddler pillow in their toddler bed. There are still safety concerns to keep in mind.


If a toddler pillow is too tall or thick, it could cause neck strain for your child.

If a toddler pillow is way too fluffy, it could make it more difficult for your child to breathe comfortably in bed.

Children with allergies may have increased symptoms when using a toddler pillow to sleep.

Some toddler pillows are made with unsafe materials, like small pellets, that could pose a choking hazard if the toddler pillow were to become damaged and start leaking.

Remember that all children develop differently, so while one toddler may be able to safely use a toddler pillow, another may not quite be ready.


Your child’s size can help determine whether they’re ready for a toddler pillow. If they are small for their age or have weak neck muscles, it may be best to hold off for a while so a toddler pillow doesn’t become a safety hazard.


Safe Sleep for Toddlers

In addition to making sure you’re buying a safe toddler pillow for your toddler, there are other safety precautions you should take when moving your child from a crib to a bed:



Material. Kids who are sensitive to environmental allergens should sleep with a hypoallergenic toddler pillow designed to reduce or limit the amount of bacteria and mold that can grow on the toddler pillow over time.5 You may also want to choose a toddler pillow covered in 100 percent organic cotton since it will be free of chemicals.

Filling. Many toddler pillows are now being stuffed with eco-friendly materials like buckwheat and hemp, but those aren’t a good choice for toddlers (partially because of the potential choking hazard). Down feathers may also trigger allergies.6 Stick with toddler pillows containing a synthetic fiber filling or memory foam.


Support. Think Goldilocks here: not too firm, not too soft. You want a toddler pillow that’s comfortable for your child to sleep on, but you should err on the side of firm, not fluffy. A toddler pillow that flops around like your child’s favorite well-worn stuffed animal is probably too soft to provide any real support.

Size. A toddler doesn’t need a standard- or queen-size toddler pillow. Most  toddler pillows are about 13 by 18 inches, which is more appropriate for smaller heads (and smaller sleeping spaces!).


The Best toddler pillows for Toddlers

If you need even more help buying a toddler pillow for your child, check out the options below. They are all the correct size for toddlers and filled with kid-safe materials. A few are hypoallergenic, while others provide just the right amount of support for growing bodies.

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