The best mattress protectors for children and babies

The best mattress protectors for children and babies

You may well have spent quite a bit of time and money choosing the right bed, mattress and bedding for your little one. A good mattress protector will make sure their bed stays clean, comfortable and avoids a build-up of bacteria.

Whether your baby is bringing up some of their milk feeds, dribbling due to teething or you’re cleaning up the results of yet another explosive nappy, you won’t be a stranger to changing their sheets on what can feel like a daily basis. Then as your little one gets older, there are the perils of bedwetting, tummy bugs and spilled drinks, all things which can leave even the most robust mattress looking worse for wear.

That's when our products come in handy. Biloban designs and produces most comfortable, practical and effective mattress protectors.

Why choose Biloban mattress protector ?

- Comfortable. Our protectors are ultra soft and comfortable. Biloban uses premium natural materials like cotton and bamboo to help keep your baby cool while absorbing any moisture.

- Waterproof.  Biloban mattress covers have a waterproof layer which will stop any liquid seeping through to the mattress underneath. Our protector does't feel like a plastic sheet, it won't make a rustling or crinkling sound when your tot moves. 

- Perfectly fit onto the mattress. Our covers come with elasticated edges or straps to keep them firmly in place even if your little one is a wriggly sleeper. Biloban protectors can even be used on their own without an additional sheet on top.

- Easy to keep clean. Our protectors are machine washable and can be safely put into the tumble dryer.

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