Some Tips for Safe Sleep of Your Baby

Some Tips for Safe Sleep of Your Baby

It’s important to ensure that your baby is always safe for parents, especially sleeping. The following sleep safety tips will help you to better make your baby have a safe sleep.

Sleep On His Back

If you place your baby to sleep on his belly, your baby may be at risk of suffocation. Therefore, you’d better to ensure that your baby is placed on his back.

Share a room, not a bed

Although a APP can help you to keep your baby close, the safer sleep for baby is to sleep in his crib next to your bed in the same room. It's worth noting that co-sleep or bed-share will be the biggest threat to your baby. No matter where your baby sleeps, your baby needs his own sleep space. Many options are available to keep your baby safe, such as a crib, bassinet or cradle  with sleepsack & blanekts. Remember, a crib or bassinet should meet current safety standards and own a firm mattress. In addition, a crib should be not changed in any way.

No Soft Surface Allowed

The bedding products for adults are not safe for your baby, such as adult quilts, bed, sofa and so on.

No Loose Blankets

A loose blanket may cause suffocation. You can use a sleepsack to replace loose blankets.   

No Smoking

Don’t smoke around your baby and take your baby to one place where someone is smoking.

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