Sleep Direction For Baby

Sleep Direction For Baby

Before you say goodnight to your little one, here are some best practices for safe sleeping, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Baby should always sleep alone.

Don’t sleep in the same bed as baby.

The safest place for baby to sleep is the same room as their caregiver.

You can place crib next to the bed.

Keep the room smoke and pollutant-free.

Keep the room cool to prevent overheating.


Baby should sleep on their back.

 Place baby on their back to sleep .

Help to prevent flat spots on the head by changing sleep direction daily.

Change the direction of your baby in their crib every day.


Baby should always sleep in a crib.

Use a crib or bassinet that meets current safety standards.

Provide your baby with a firm sleep surface.

Keep crib empty.

Remove loose bedding, bumpers, and toys as they can put safety as risk.

Avoid using sleep positioning devices.

There is no evidence these are effective, they pose a danger to baby if they roll out of the device.



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