Simple Tips To Get Your Toddler To Sleep: Make Bedtime Easy!

Simple Tips To Get Your Toddler To Sleep: Make Bedtime Easy!

To ease night-time battles with your toddler set a relaxing night time routine with a strict bedtime. Let the baby make choices such as which pajamas to wear and allow a favorite toy or blanket in bed. Avoid scary stories and movies and imagine happier endings for nightmares to dilute frightening dreams. Also, make sure they nap in the day but limit sleeping after mid-afternoon.

Getting your toddler to bed can be quite a nightmare. The fear of being alone or of missing out on some exciting adventure, or even the sheer pleasure of saying their new favorite word “No!” can turn your little angel into a terror at bedtime. Here are a few things you can do to end these nightly battles.

  • Don’t Miss The Afternoon Nap
  • Fix Up A Strict Bedtime And Naptime
  • Set A Relaxing (And Simple!) Routine
  • Put A Favourite Toy Or Blanket To Bed With Them
  • Let Your Baby Make Some Choices About The Bedtime Routine
  • From Cot To Bed: Make The Big Move Engaging
  • Baby Proof The Space
  • Keep The Bed For Sleeping
  • Make Sure The Environment Is Comfortable
  • Lay Off Scary Movies Or Books Especially Around Bedtime
  • Reassure If Your Toddler Wakes In The Night – But Keep It Boring!
  • Imagine Happier Endings To Tackle Nightmares
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