Should You Let Your Child Sleep With You?

Should You Let Your Child Sleep With You?

Advantages Of Co-Sleeping

  • Some experts believe that co-sleeping helps children, especially babies, sleep better and more deeply.
  • For working parents, it is a chance to be close to their child after a day-long separation.
  • Co-sleeping may also help fix a child’s sleep-related problems in the short run by temporarily suppressing the sleeping trouble.
  • It also helps a nursing mom to align her sleep with the child’s and makes way for easier breastfeeding and more sleep.

Risks Of Co-Sleeping

According to an interview with a Pediatric doctor at the Yale University School of Medicine on National Public Radio, what has experts worried is the possibility of accidental strangulation or suffocation.Once asleep, you, the parent, are no longer fully aware of how you move through the night. Some of the expected hazards are as follows:

  • Overlying by a parent
  • Entrapment as the child is wedged between the mattress/pillow or other objects on the bed
  • The child’s head getting stuck in railings since the bed is not usually designed keeping child safety in mind
  • Suffocation with water beds
  • The child getting tangled in bed linen… the horrific scenarios are seemingly endless. Ensure the baby is on his/her back.
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Some Of Our Suggestions 

  • Let the baby sleep on a separate surface alongside the parents but not in the same bed. A co-sleeper attachment to your bed may be a good idea.
  • Never place a child near a sleeping adult who is unaware that the baby is in the same bed as them. If necessary, vocalize the fact that you both know the baby is in your bed, to remind yourselves to be careful and that you are both responsible for the safety of the child. This will keep both parents alert.
  • Never co-sleep intoxicated or after taking a sedative, or even an antihistamine. It could cause you to sleep more deeply than you can imagine.
  • Don’t let kids co-sleep with their siblings when they are under a year old.
  • Keep the sleeping area free of pillows and soft toys, and tie up long hair into a bun so it doesn’t accidentally strangle the baby. 
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