Safety Guidelines on Pack n Play

Safety Guidelines on Pack n Play

Pack and play are a very efficient device for your kid’s safety, but to ensure optimum safety you need to adhere to a few crucial and important guidelines that are mandatory for using a pack and play for your baby. Every country and government would have slightly different guidelines, but in this article, we shall look into the generic safety precautions that we can take to keep our young babies safe.

Old and outdated

Pack and plays have been developed for many years now and as every model presents a development over its previous models, realizing the flaws and mistakes in previous versions and improvising them to enhance the utility and safety of the equipment, many versions of these pack and play have been ordered to be recalled by the government. So whenever you buy a pack and play, kindly check the model and ensure that they are not outdated and recalled.


While you evaluate your pack and play, check its strength in terms of the load it is able to bare easily, the pressure and force it is capable of handling and the sturdiness. These things would enhance the safety of your kid. Also, for strength, when you actually start using the pack and play, ensure that all the four corners and its poles are tightened perfectly to avoid losing balance and falling down eventually.

Pads or mattresses

The pads of the pack and play are the most important part of this equipment to keep your babies comfortable. To ensure supreme comfort, always use the pad made only by the manufacturer of the pack and play equipment. Pads made by other manufacturers might or might not be suitable and might end up hurting the baby. The pads you select should be soft and stable, should fit right into the size and shape of the pack and play. Also ensure that the pads do not slip from its place when the baby plays or moves and that can be done by using Velcro straps to stick the pads to the corners of the pack and plays.

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Sharp ends

When you are choosing a pack and play, kindly check if its corners are sharp or soft edged. Always select the one with the soft and round edged so that the kid does not get hurt. Also do not place any sharp or attractive thing near the pack and play when the kid is in it else the kid might get hurt while approaching the same. When you place the bedsheet on the mattress, ensure that it is of the size of the mattress and do not use any kind of pins to tug the sheet.


Check for the surrounding walls of the pack and focus on its strength, hardness and length to ensure that while playing the kid does not tip over it and fall on the floor. The walls should be hard enough to hold the baby in a stable way and should be soft enough so that if the kid bangs in to it accidently, baby does not get hurt.


If the mesh on your pack and play is torn or has holes, then it should be replaced immediately else there are chances for the kid to get entangled or attacked by mosquitos when he is sleeping.


For every kind of pack and play equipment available, kindly check the weight restriction on it that indicates the maximum weight allowed on it. Select the one that fits the weight range of your baby. If you ignore this parameter only for saving some money, you might end up hurting your baby or putting his life to a threat in case the equipment does not take his weight and collapses on the floor.


Safety of the kid, wherever they are is the major concern amongs their parents. That is why people buy pack and play as that restricts the kid’s boundaries and keep them safe when the parents are away. Along with that people should also understand that only buying the device for their kids is not sufficient. They should pay attention to a few pointers while they purchase these equipment and few considerations while they use it at their homes on a regular basis.
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