Safe Sleep for Babies: Everything You Need to Know about crib bumper

Safe Sleep for Babies: Everything You Need to Know about crib bumper

As a new born parent, you can never be too carful when choosing baby bedding products. We always spend large amount of time and money try to find the safest and most comfortable product for our baby. However, things won't always go smoothly with a first-time new born parent. There are a lot of topics out there that can be confusing to you , and crib bumpers can be one of them.

We are ready to help clear it up for you and share the best of the best! Fist let's answer some most asked questions about crib bumper. 

1. How long do babies need crib bumpers?

A crib bumper can be used for a variety of reasons and is completely up to the parent. As a general recommendation, babies can begin using a bumper on their crib after they can roll on both sides and are strong enough to lift their heads. Babies can use a crib bumper as long as it’s deemed safe by the parents. Once the baby is starting to stand on the bumper, it might be time to find one that secures to the crib in a better way or remove it altogether.

2. What are the concerns with using a crib bumper?

Most parents decide to use a crib bumper for their baby for added comfort while they sleep. A crib bumper will ensure that the baby isn’t hitting their head on the slats of the crib or getting their limbs stuck in between the rails. It can be a very helpful tool!

To ensure other safety precautions, you will always want to make sure that the crib bumper is installed correctly. If your baby can’t lift their head by themselves, then the risk of them not being able to move away from the sides of the crib if necessary are the main concern. Always make sure that the bumper you choose is breathable, light, sturdy, and that it’s kept clean.

3. Why should I use a crib bumper?

Originally, crib bumpers were created to prevent babies’ heads from slipping in-between the crib slates. Crib slaps used to be much further apart than they are today, so having some sort of safety net was necessary.

Today, it’s used for a similar purpose even though cribs have been improved upon through time. Crib bumpers can be necessary to help prevent your baby from hitting their head on the side of the crib during the night. It’s also meant to help prevent any arms and legs from poking through the slats and getting stuck. There’s nothing that says that you should use a bumper however, we would recommend that every parent make the best decision possible for your family.

A crib bumper is a cozy and comforting feature to add to your baby’s crib. And if you decide to get one, i'd like to recommend you Biloban crib bumper.

Made of 100% Microfiber Polyester, Biloban bumper is smooth, lightweight, and very durable. Our bumper is equipped with just the right amount of padding while maintaining a breathable fabric. It’s created to prevent your baby’s arms and legs from getting caught and is known to help prevent your baby from chewing on the crib slats!

The bumper has mesh on both size to ensure its breathability. Biloban four-piece bumper is easy to install with simple ties that are designed to help keep it in place and not slide down the rails.

Click and get one to create an effective, safe sleep environment for your child!

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