Pack n Paly Mattress Pad Safety

Pack n Paly Mattress Pad Safety

A mattress pad helps protect your baby's pack n play  mattress from damage. When you use a pack n play mattress pad correctly, it doesn't pose a danger to your baby. If the pad isn't used properly, however, it can increase your baby's risk of injury and even death. Learning exactly how to use pack n play mattress pads can protect your little one's mattress and also ensure that he's safe while sleeping in his pack n play .


A pack n play mattress pad  is a waterproof cover that helps protect your baby's pack n play  mattress. The pad creates a barrier that protects the mattress from accidents, such as diaper leaks and spit-up, which can leach into a fabric mattress and lead to odors and unsightly stains. The mattress pad also adds a layer of padding to the pack n play , which can make your baby more comfortable while he's sleeping.

Potential Dangers

When a pack n play mattress pad isn't used correctly, it can pose a suffocation hazard. If the pad isn't fitted tightly around the mattress, it can come loose. If your baby's face gets caught in the loose pad, it could cause suffocation. The same applies if you use a mattress pad that is just placed on top of the mattress but doesn't have a fitted pack n play  sheet placed over it. These types of mattress pads don't fit around the mattress, which means they can move around and get caught over your baby's mouth and nose. For the same reason, smaller mattress pads, often called burp pads or lap pads, shouldn't be used without a pack n play  sheet fitted over them.

Proper Installation

Choose a mattress pad that is designed for a pack n play .This is a verified and trusted

Choosing a pack n play Goto Source. The mattress pad should fit tightly around the mattress by wrapping around the sides and corners so that the edges of the mattress pad fit snugly underneath the pack n play  mattress. If you use a mattress pad without sides, lay it over the pack n play  mattress and then place a tight-fitting pack n play  sheet over the mattress pad so that it doesn't shift. If you use a smaller burp or lap pad, place it where your baby usually sleeps and then put a tight-fitting pack n play  sheet over the mattress and the pad.

Tips and Considerations

Mattress pads aren't always tested for safety and, according to its website, "Consumer Reports" hasn't tested any pack n play mattress pads. Keep in mind that pack n play mattress pad aren't absolutely necessary either. For example, if you use a plastic-lined pack n play  mattress, you probably don't need the pad to protect the mattress. If you decide to use mattress pads, consider purchasing two. That way, you'll have a clean spare on hand if you need to change and wash the first one.

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