Newborn Sleep Tips – easy ways to get your baby to sleep

Newborn Sleep Tips – easy ways to get your baby to sleep

We can all get exhausted when our baby fails to fall sleep and we as parent go several nights with a few hours or less of sleep. At that time, a feeling of anxiety takes over and we start doing anything and everything we can to stop the baby from crying. If you're currently face this situation, here're several sleep tips might help. 

1. Observe Your Baby 

We love to look at our newborn babies. They are so tiny and cute so we just stare at them endlessly imagining what they will be like as they grow up. What we forget to do most times is to observe them and look for clues. The key to your success lies in your ability to distinguish what your baby needs at different times of the day and night. Although there are many reasons that could lead to your baby being upset, you can usually narrow it down to a few or even a couple of options just by eliminating the obvious ones.

2. Look for Sleepy Cues

Sleepy cues are important because even though your newborn can communicate that they are getting tired, it is very likely they still can’t put themselves to sleep on their own. They need you to nudge them in the right direction. Your could learn the general baby sleep cues first, so that you can pick up on your child’s own cues. Your newborn only has so many ways to communicate with you so focus on the most common ones to get started.

3. Choose the suitable bedding products for your baby

Biloban offers the softest and highly breathable baby bedding sheets (crib sheets and pack n play sheet) for your nursery. Each sheet has a full encased elastic band for a snug and secure fit. We have sheets made from microfiber, jersey cotton and organic cotton with lovely patterns. Biloban sheets are able to provide your little one all night restful sleep! 

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