Make A Crib Skirt Shorter

Make A Crib Skirt Shorter

Choosing a crib bed set was really fun for you when You was waiting for someone arrival. You didn’t know if he was a boy or girl, but there were still plenty of options.


Lots of parents used mostly navy blue in Baby’s nursery because 1) I was sure he was a boy 2) if I was wrong, I could add girly/pink/floral touches. You can chose Biloban’s  crib set. The only problem with the adorable set is, the instant you lower the crib, your crib skirt drags the ground and looks horrible. So most people just take it off, right? Then you pack it away when your kid is only like six months old.


You use crib for storage , and since you loved your crib skirt and didn’t want to store it away, soYou can shorten the crib skirt — without sewing (which is easier and makes it re-usable).


I’ve heard friends lament saying goodbye to their crib skirt too soon, so I decided to do a tutorial. (By the way, this is what moms talk about…ad nauseam. We talk passionately about crib skirts and germs on the playground. Remember when you thought your mom was like the MOST BORING EVER? You were right.)


Before you jump to conclusions, this isn’t nesting either. I did this almost a year ago and am just now getting around to posting.


After lowering the mattress, the first step is to measure how much of a drop you need for your crib skirt needs; from the floor to the top of the mattress platform.

Next, give your measuring tape to your baby and switch to a paper measuring tape that isn’t as appealing.


Take the crib skirt off the crib and lay it flat on the floor. Measure the crib skirt, from the bottom, and mark how long the crib skirt should be. My skirt needed a 10″ drop, but the drop was about 16 inches, so we had to get rid of 6 inches. I placed a pin 10″ from the bottom of the crib skirt (I used safety pins, which are much more cumbersome than straight pins, but important when curious little fingers are lurking).


Do the same thing all the way around, marking the desired length.


Now’s where things get real. Fold up the fabric, pinning it to the interior part of the crib skirt. Pin it to the part that will be covered by the mattress, then remove the pin you used as a marker.


Here’s a shot of it pinned:

So, I had 6″ to get rid of. I folded it about 3″ up (which doubled over, makes 6″). Are we following here? Am I over complicating this?

Then remove the pin you used as a marker:

Make sense? It’s really easy, and sometimes the easy things are the most complicated to explain. In a writing class I once had to write an essay about how to make a PB&J. We had to keep it to something like 20,000 words and with that limit, most of us only got as far as the part where you get out the bread.


Here’s a photo of the crib skirt shortened all the way around. It gets a little weird around the corners, but only because there are multiple layers of fabric to work with. The most important thing is just to make sure your folds are neat and flat.

And here’s the final product, back on the mattress platform. It looks so much more tailored and neat. And we don’t have to look for a new place to stash our table leaf.

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