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Is Cotton Sheet Good for Child ?

As the weather is getting colder, we should not only put on our warm clothes, but also change our beds into warm sheet. And it’s necessary for child to keep warm in cold winter. From this point of view, we should consider the material of a sheet.

Cotton is a breathable fabric that allows your kid’s sweet to evaporate and helps small bodies to keep a more regulated temperature throughout the night. So jersey cotton sheet may be more use in winter for its heart preservation. And here I’d like to introduce Biloban’s cotton sheet to you.

Different from satin sheet, the cotton sheet is more warm and comfortable. And the sheet is made from hypoallergenic & hygroscopic cotton, woven into soft and durable jersey. Breathable, gentle ,lightweight and silky soft crib sheet is friendly to baby’s sensitive skin.

So from this point of view, cotton sheet is good for child. I think each sheet has its own advantages and disadvantages. When you want to choose a sheet, you should consider your own needs and whether it is suitable for your child. The product that really fits you or your need is the best choice.

This kind of crib sheet is highly elastic and surrounded, ensures the crib mattress to snug fit crib mattress pad, which may be more safe and secure for your baby bedding. The cotton sheet color is cute and various, including a solid color--navy, star&heart, heart&stripe and pink love print., and all of these colors are both for boys and girls. So this cotton crib sheets with stylish pattern easily make your baby and yourself have a good mood.

And for this kind of crib sheet, we also have 100% organic cotton crib sheet. If you have any other needs, we also have bassinet sheet and Pack N Play sheet for you. If you want to have a detail information about it, you can check this link to learn more.

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