How Useful Is a Waterproof Pack n Play Mattress Pad!

How Useful Is a Waterproof Pack n Play Mattress Pad!

As parents, we always want what’s best for our child. Above all, you want your child to be happy, safe and comfortable, especially while he is playing, having fun and sleeping. That’s why many of us are looking for ways on how we can make their play and sleep time a lot better and comfortable.

The necessity of a good pack n play mattress pad 

If you have a Pack N Play, a Foldable Mattress or other Portable/Mini Crib Mattress, this pack n play mattress pad is a must-have! Ready to fully protect your mattress from liquids, bacteria and dust mites? You’ve found the answer with Biloban pack n play mattress pad.

What is the mattress covered with? As we all know, there is a chance that your mattress will be peed, pooped or spilled on. Because of this, it is recommended that you look for one that can be easy to clean so you can make your life easier. Let's be honest, when babies are involved, accidents are bound to happen. Spit up, blowouts, and diaper leaks to name a few of the normal messes parents encounter. You definitely don't want those germs and smells to seep onto your pack n' play mattress. And more importantly, you don't want your baby to sleep on those germs. That's why is crucial you use our machine washable pack n play mattress pad to catch those messes.

 A true protector

As a protector, our pack n play mattress pad keep your mattress dry and clean, protecting your mattress from liquids, stains and odors. You don't need to deeply clean and disinfect the mattress.

Unique waterproof protection ensures that spills, sweat and other body fluids do not damage your bedding, which is a great way to prevent ugly stains.

Biloban's signature pack n play mattress pad is super washable.Laboratory test allows 300+ special cycle washing, easy to wash, easy to use, for you and your family to provide a comfortable sleep.


Ultra Soft and Hypoallergenic: Featuring a hypoallergenic 100% soft micropeach sleep surface and filled with soft polyester fiber, no more worry for leaky bottle messes, or potty training misses. Designed to provide advanced relief for allergy and asthma sufferers, and your baby’s sensitive skin.

Premium Protection: Quilted with ideal thickness for your little feel comfortable yet stay completely safe. Our waterproof layer is completely non-toxic and won't make a crinkly plastic noise when your baby moves, and against everyday liquids and stains.

Perfect Fit for Mini Cribs: We've done the work for you to ensure our universal fit sheets will fit any playard or Pack N Play mattress up to 5” deep - including foldable / collapsible mattresses.

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