How to Wash Your Toddler Nap Mat

How to Wash Your Toddler Nap Mat

toddler nap mat

What is a toddler nap mat


A toddler nap mat is a piece of material that provides a soft place for a child to sleep in the absence of their regular bed. They are usually lightweight and portable, and come in a variety of styles including: Roll-up mats. Stackable toddler nap mat.


When your child starts taking a lunch break at school, you need a toddler nap mat to provide a place for your child to rest.So if you buy thetoddler nap mat, doea it means everything will be done?Obviously, that's impossible.  You have to think about cleaning the toddler nap mat.Usually you need to consider when to clean, how often to clean, how to clean and so on.

Here are some Q&A about  toddler nap mats.


“So, my DD (dear daughter) has (had) a very nice Ozark Mountain toddler nap mat for daycare. We have a top load washer with a center agitator. I had success washing it in the washer for about 3 months without issue, but this weekend apparently the washer was loaded a little too much, the toddler nap mat snagged on the agitator and shredded up, and it caused the washer pump to clog. Which caused the washer to completely stop draining or spinning. Fun times.


We had to call out a washer repair man, who was able to fix it, but who also kindly informed me that this model of washer can't handle toddler nap mats or comforters, etc., and he sees these kinds of clogs all the time.


So, now what do I do? Do I start handwashing the (newly ordered replacement) toddler nap mat every weekend? Does anyone do this? How? Do you hang it to dry or then go ahead and put it in the dryer? Should I just say, "Fuck this" and invest in a new, front load washer so I don't have to deal with this for the next 4 years (I'm currently 21 1/2 weeks pregnant with #2)? My husband is quite frugal and I doubt he would be interested in this option, especially since we have an old home that requires a lot of other maintenance and improvements, which gets very expensive.


Sigh. Any advice? Anyone dealt with a similar issue before? Thanks!”


Original Sleeping Bags and Original toddler nap mat

No flame-resistant chemicals are ever applied to these toddler nap mats or Sleeping Bags. Although the shells of the bags do contain polyester, the way that the cotton and polyester are blended and weaved makes the bags naturally flame-resistant - meaning they have a slow "burn rate" and minimal "ease of ignition."


All of our Original Sleeping Bags and Original Nap Mats conform to, or exceed, U.S. flammability test requirements for sleeping bags as set forth in CPAI-75.

Biloban’s toddler nap mats are made from fabric, which is a fancy word for a plush polyester fabric. With the plush finish, it is best that your child not drag this toddler nap mat on the ground. They are fine with a weekly machine wash and dry, but the fabric will stay plush longer on a low heat, gentle cycle.

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