How to Wash Baby Crib Bedding and How Often?

How to Wash Baby Crib Bedding and How Often?

Your baby’s crib bedding should always keep safe and dirt-free so that there is no hazardous element on their bed. To keep their bedding clean and germ-free, you need to wash their bedding regularly after a specified interval. And, it is imperative to offer them clean and hazardous-free bedding. Besides, their skin is too sensitive to tolerate any intolerable element on their bed. As a concern parents, you have to keep your baby’s bedding dust-free as well as allergen-free to ensure their restful sleep at night. That's why you need to know, how to wash baby crib bedding and how often should you wash them.

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Wash crib bedding with a natural detergent

A special detergent is recommended by the doctors to wash your kid’s clothes and bed. Try to avoid using a detergent that has added dyes, chemicals, sulfates, or fragrances. Those substances are highly harmful to your little one’s health. Generally, babies have low or no immune system. That’s why they need the cleanest bedding, softest clothes, and cutest toys for their betterment. As parents, you have to ensure all of them to offer your baby a safer environment.

You can use a natural detergent to keep your baby’s bedding clean and soft. Detergents having chemical fragrances may cause skin problem to your baby as they are very skin-irritant. Before washing your baby’s crib bedding, keep an eye on the bumper if there is any hole, or its ties are alright. If you see some stains (in most cases, you must see) as your little one is one of the quickest machines to make stains on their bedding. Use stain removal before let it go for the washing machine.

Use the lower cycle of your washing machine

Another essential thing to consider before starting washing them in the washing machine is a lower cycle of your device. As the faster cycle of your washing machine damages your baby’s bedding’s smoothness as well as softness. Besides, they get rough to sleep on. So, the lower cycle of your washing machine is recommended by the experts. There is an alternative, as well. If you do not want to wash your babies’ clothes into the washing machine, you can hand-wash them to keep clothes as soft as before.

Remove stains from your baby’s bed

As a parent, you already know it that your little one is the fastest machine to make stains on the bed-sheets and the bumper also. While they take baby foods or formula, they often make stains on their bed as they are very fickle. Before going to wash it, you have to soak the stains caused by your baby with detergent (natural detergent is recommended) and warm water. You baby’s bed sheet or other items keep soft without any damage through the process of removing stains from them.

Take the temperature of your washing machine into consideration

You need to pick the right temperature while washing your baby’s bedding. The aim is to kill the bacteria from your little one’s bedding. In this situation, it is recommended by the specialists that 60-degree centigrade temperature of the water for washing is perfect for killing all the bacteria and germs from your kid’s bedding. Otherwise, if you choose a high temperature, it harms the bedding’s clothes, and they get damaged. After washing with the warm water, all you need to do is to iron them for the final use.

As you have already washed your little one’s bedding with intensive care, it is time to dry them thoroughly. So let’s talk about the drying process of your kid’s bedding now.

Washing Baby’s Sheets

Baby’s sheets get dirty most in the crib bedding. They make stains on the sheets while taking their baby foods or formula. Besides, dust falls on the sheets most. To keep your baby’s bedding clean and safe for them, you need to wash your baby’s sheets 1-2 times per week. In some cases, it needs more washing if there is soiling present on them. You can do the same thing by replacing a new sheet on the bedding as long as the old one gets suitable for use. For more info, you can go through this post.

The crib bumper pads is another most popular and must-have items in your baby’s bedding. It protects your baby from direct contact with the crib. Besides, it helps your baby keep in place and does not allow him or her to fall from the crib bedding. Baby’s crib bumper pads also gets stained and dirty. For your baby’s safety and clean environment, you need to wash the crib bumper pads as well. So, you should wash your baby’s bumper just once a month, and it will do. But before proceeding, make sure there is any hole in the crib bumper pads or any unwanted stains to remove. Wash the bumper in the washing machine but make sure you are using the lower cycle of the machine. Otherwise, it also gets squeaks.

Washing Mattress Pad

Though you do not need to wash your baby’s mattress pad frequently as it has sheets over it, however, you can remove the mattress pad after a specific time. In a month, you can wash the mattress pad to keep it clean. But before washing, you can use a brush to remove its dust and dirt. There are some organic mattresses, which are water-proofed. Thus easy to clean and maintain.

Washing Pillowcase

Your baby’s face rests most time on the pillow. So, you should always use the clean and bacteria-free pillow as well as a pillowcase. You do not need to wash a pillow and its case altogether. Instead, you can wash the pillowcase 2-3 times a week, or you can replace it with a clean or new one. And, the pillow should wash every six weeks to ensure there is no dirt and bacteria and germs that can harm your baby. Otherwise, it causes your baby’s allergies and skin irritation.

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In this way, you can keep your little lovely one’s bedding clean and clear so that there are no harmful germs or bacteria to cause any harm to your baby. Besides, dust is the element that is mostly responsible for causing allergies and skin irritations. To make your baby’s sound sleep on the crib and for her or his all-around safety, you need to wash crib bedding as required. Clean and fresh bedding is the requisite to ensure your baby’s sound health and allow them to sleep well at night. Always try to ensure their safety first as parents.

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