How to Transition Baby from Bassinet to a Crib—3 Easy Steps

How to Transition Baby from Bassinet to a Crib—3 Easy Steps

Transition From Bassinet to Crib

One of the top questions parents ask about Biloban is, “How hard is it to transition babies to a crib from Biloban bassinet sheets?” I love that question because the answer is so simple: It’s pretty much a snap! 

Bassinet vs Crib

Both bassinets and cribs can be safe options for newborns. However, one of the major differences between a Biloban bassinet sheets and a crib, is the intended purpose. A Biloban bassinet sheet uses motion and white noise to help teach your baby to self-soothe, and enhance sleep for you and your baby. Whereas a crib is larger, and can even be converted into a toddler bed.

Transitioning from Bassinet

Every baby is unique and some take a bit longer to wean motion than others from a  bassinet. But, a five or six-month-old infant’s brain is much more mature than a newborn’s and can sustain long, continuous periods of sleep without the need for rocking or swadding (they still sleep better with white noise).

Let me explain:

During the first months of life—the 4th trimester—the world is too still for babies. They miss the constant rumbling sound, rhythmic motion and snug embrace that soothed them to sleep in the womb.

In utero, babies are rocked with every breath the mom takes. So, babies aren’t made dependent on motion after birth in a bed like bassinet, they’re born dependent on bassinet mattress pad. That’s why spending the night in a still silent room is so strange for babies…and actually can cause them to wake more often.


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