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How to select toddler pillow for your kid?

Do you know how to select toddler pillow when your kid can use a pillow? Do you prepare a fit pillow for your kid? Here are some tips for you:

  1. Don’t use a oversized pillow

You should prepare a pillow for your kid that fits his/her head and neck properly. Besides, a toddler pillow should not be too thick and fluffy. Because overly thick and soft toddler pillow will increase the risk of suffocation.  

  1. Don’t use a pillow that is easy to cause allergies

It is important to understand your kid’s allergies before you select a toddler pillow for your kid. Therefore, you need to know what materials are filled in toddler pillow when you choose a toddler pillow. For instance, allergists are recommended to use a toddler pillow filled with natural feathers.

  1. Don’t use too soft pillow

A flat and firm toddler pillow will be fitted for your kid. “When your child is ready for a toddler pillow, go for one that’s soft but firm to provide optimal support,” Romanyuk says.

  1. Don’t use a toddler pillow too early

“ “Infants and toddlers are used to sleeping on a bare, flat and firm surface, which is the safest sleep environment for them,” says Jennifer Gilman, a certified sleep consultant in New Jersey. This means that you can not introduce a toddler pillow too early for your kid。


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