How to prevent baby’s pee leaking on bedding

How to prevent baby’s pee leaking on bedding

Have you ever wondered why babies pee so frequently at any time? Every parent may comes away this question in mind when changing the dirty diaper, especially at night. It’s because that babies are still in the period which their organs and muscles endeavor to grow everyday. At this time they haven’t being able to control the urination muscles, so they will pee as long as it produced. Plus, unfitted diaper, constant exercise and wrong sleeping post could cause more urination too.

If you are seeking for ways to prevent pee leaking, you can follow these tips:

Change your baby’s diaper at regular time 

It’ll be too late if you only change the diaper when it’s completely dirty and not available. It may also causes infant eczema on your baby’s butt. Then how often should parents change the diaper? We suggest to do it 8 to 12 times a day. It can be reduced as your baby grows up. Don’t forget to change a new overnight diaper before you sleep. It will benefits sleep quality of you and your baby both.


Adjust your baby’s sleep post

It is said that the bending post—which is one of most common baby sleeping posts—actually makes pressure to baby’s bottom and wrinkles the diaper. Thus when your baby pee it probably leaks out to the bassinet mattress. On this account you should try to adjust your baby’s sleeping post and flatten the diaper that wraps his or her arse.

Get a waterproof mattress pad

What if the leaking issue has already happened? How to help the bassinet mattress survive from these unfavorable stains? The most simple solution is to purchase a waterproof mattress protector. With this you can easily clean the mess and have more time to prepare for the next urination challenge!

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