How to paint a beautiful Easter egg with your toddler!

How to paint a beautiful Easter egg with your toddler!

Easter is coming! No doubt that many parents have already to prepare all kinds of Easter activities for their toddlers and of course we won’t forget to paint Easter eggs with our families. Have no idea about how to paint yours? We here collected some ideas which is easy and creative.

DIY Emoji Easter Eggs

This type only needs several colors and easy to draw the pattern on eggs. First you paint the eggshell yellow and next use black and white to draw the cartoon face you favorite. Send your emoji eggs picture instead of real emojis to your pals when finished!


DIY Burger Easter eggs

The key is to stick the wrinkled green paper as lettuce at around to create a 3D visual appeal. And then all you need to do is drawing a brown circle (the beef patty) and a red circle (tomato slice) next to it and make some white points casually (white sesames). You can also decorate some yellow triangles on your eggs and then there’re slices of cheese in your burger.


DIY Pineapple Easter eggs

It is easy to finish the pineapple part—paint the egg all yellow, done! But things might be difficult when comes to the pineapple leaves part. You need to cut many sizes of green triangle paper with curved edges and stick them at the top of eggs to make the shape of leaves. If you do it right the leaves will look like being blooming.

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