How to Make Crib Bumpers

How to Make Crib Bumpers

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Learn how to make crib bumpers with beautiful designer fabric following our awesome tutorial. It’s so easy, you won’t believe it!

 some have advised against the use of crib bumpers. This decision is up to you and your doctor. Since my boy can easily roll in either direction I feel the crib bumpers do not pose a suffocation risk and are saving him from a lot of caught limbs.


Much better! And a happy baby means a happy mom

I made my bumpers from 6 separate panels that tie in place on the outside of the crib. The piping around the edges was the perfect finishing touch! And they’re completely reversible which I love! If chevron becomes a bit too stimulated for my little guy, I can just flip them around and have yellow on the inside instead.

 can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this fabric I got from The Ribbon Retreat!!


I have a portable crib, but I’ve also included material requirements and measurements for a standard size crib in parentheses.


1 1/4 Yards (2 Yards) Chevron in Bermuda

1 1/4 Yards (2 Yards) Bella Solids in Yellow

3/4 Yards (1 1/2 Yards) Bella Solids in Turquoise (for ties and piping)


You will also need bumper pads/batting. I recovered an old set.

Mine were 8″ tall so add a little extra fabric if your pieces are taller.


Cut the following Pieces:


For a Portable Crib bumper:


2 panels in each fabric measuring 25 x 9″ (remember to add to the height if your pads are taller)

4 panels in each fabric measuring 20 x 9″

For a standard Crib bumper:


6 panels in each fabric measuring 27 x 9″ (remember to adjust for your crib bumper pad thickness and height and then add seam allowances)

For both sizes:


24 ties measuring 3 x 10″ (increase the length to 16″ if you want bows instead of knots)

1.5″ strips cut on the bias for bias. I ended up using about 7 yards total

~ How to Make Crib Bumpers ~


  1. Fold each tie piece in half with the long edges together. Sew up the long edge and the created a tapered point across one short edge. Trim the excess fabric.
  2. Turn right side out and press flat. Repeat 23 times
  3. Wrap your bias strips around a piece of cording and baste in place using your zipper foot. Sew as close to the piping as possible.
  4. Baste a length of piping to the top and bottom edge of each inside (or outside) panel. The cord is on the inside of the edge. Also baste your straps in place. You need 2 straps on each end.
  5. Add a panel on top in your 2nd fabric and sew together right sides together along the piping edge using your zipper foot. Leave a 4-6″ gap for turning on one of the short edges.
  6. Turn right side out and slide your crib bumper pad/batting inside and then hand sew the opening shut.

Tie around your crib slats and you’re finished! Look!You got a perfect crib bumper !

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