How to cool a baby in hot weather

How to cool a baby in hot weather

Overheating has always been one of the biggest barriers for us to get comfortable in bed. On hot summer nights, even us adults found it hard to fall asleep, the heat can lead to unwanted awakenings during the night. Our little ones'll also feel irritable and uncomfortable in hot summer days.
The National Sleep Foundation found that nearly 70% of people said that bedroom temperature had a big impact on their ability to sleep well.
Knowing how to cool your bedroom, and implementing other tips for sleeping cool, can bring relief and help you sleep longer with fewer interruptions.
If you’ve got air conditioning, it’s a cinch to stay cool when the mercury rises. If you don’t have A/C, knowing how to cool down can be vital to avoid sleeping problems during hot weather.
Two key strategies — limiting heat buildup and cooling things down — are your best bet for keeping your room and your body cool during warm weather even without A/C.

Cooling Things Down

  • Creating a cross-breeze in your room
  • Encouraging cross-ventilation throughout your home
  • Using circulating fans

Limiting Heat Buildup

  • During the day, lower your blinds and close windows and doors to keep sunlight and hot air from moving into your home
  • Choose cotton sheets for your little one

Cotton sheets have been scientifically proven to improve sleeping in the heat whether you’re a baby or fully-fledged adult.

“In the warmer weather, change baby’s bottom sheets to cotton rather than nylon – the latter will absorb sweat.” explains sleep expert Steve Pickering.
It’s important to make sure the sheet is safely secured in your baby’s cot bed, so that there’s a reduced risk of the sheet coming loose and covering your little one in the night.

That's way i'd like to recommend you Biloban 100% cotton jersery crib sheet.

Since cotton jersey is the same material found in many t-shirts, sleeping on cotton jersey sheets may feel like being enveloped by your favorite tee. Biloban crib sheet fits snuggly for standard crib  52" x 28", surrounded elastic bandage up to 8 inches. They're also eco-friendly, been produced under stringent environmental standards. Cotton sheets have long been prized for their durability. And these Biloban sheet will gets softer with additional washing.

Hot sleepers and anyone who tends to sweat overnight will surely appreciate the breathability and moisture-wicking of this jersey cotton sheet. Click and try it for yourself. You won't be disappointed! 

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