How to Choose the Best Crib Sheet for Your Baby

How to Choose the Best Crib Sheet for Your Baby

Crib is the where your baby will be spending a lot of time—especially in the beginning, since most newborns sleep up to 18 hours a day. You want the space to be comforting and attractive, but you don't have to spend a fortune. By simply following the 4 features below, you could easily find the perfect crib sheet for your baby!

Best Crib Sheet: Features

Fit your crib mattress snuggly

The fitted sheet should fit snugly over the mattress – not bunch up or loosen as the baby moves around. Don't use fitted sheets that are loose or bunchy; they should fit your baby's crib mattress like skin. 


Life will be much easier if the sheets are machine-washable. Accidents are guaranteed, and if you can toss everything into the washing machine, you will avoid stress and anxiety and save time.

Hypoallergenic& chemical-free 

Many people choose chemical-free fabrics for their baby's crib bedding. If your baby has sensitive skin and is prone to rashes, opt for organic or chemical-free sheets. Also wash the bedding in a chemical-free detergent made for sensitive skin. 

Fabric Options

A majority of crib sheets are made from cotton or microfiber. The microfiber or polyester sheet is easy to clean and stain resistant. While cotton jersey sheet is thin, breathable, and soft. Please feel free to experiment. Monitor your baby's sleep and reaction to different fabrics to learn what works best for them. 

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