How To Choose The Best Crib Rail Cover

How To Choose The Best Crib Rail Cover

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If your baby is chewing onto things with great ferocity, then you’ll know that he’s already going through the teething phase. One of the things that will face the wrath of your baby’s mostly gum-filled mouth is his own crib. The rails of his crib will become one of his chew toys if he turns away from his actual chew toys.

Here is a article about the important details concerning crib rail covers because they are helpful when it comes to saving your child’s mouth and gums from any potential injury brought about by a hard protective fence surrounding this play/sleeping area.

What is crib rail cover?

A crib rail cover is a layer of material that encases the railing of your baby crib.


Why should you use a crib rail cover?

Teething is a natural stage of development that every baby goes through. During this phase, your baby will chew on many different objects to ease the irritation brought on by teething.

If you stand your baby up in his crib, you will notice that the rail lines up perfectly with your little one’s mouth. This makes the crib rail the perfect option soothe your baby’s inflamed gums.



  1. Protect your baby from the crib

Baby cribs were not designed to be chewed on. If your baby chews on the crib, not only does he risk swallowing wood stain, varnish or paint chips but also risks getting splinters stuck in his gums.

If you thought your baby was cranky from teething then you definitely do not want to experience a baby with gum splinters.


  1. Protect the crib from your baby

A crib is a big investment. Many parents who plan to have more than one child will often reuse a baby crib.

If you find your infant going to town on the crib rail like a beaver then it is unlikely your crib will last through this child, let alone a second. You will be amazed at just how much damage can be done to a crib by a single teething baby.


Different types of crib rail covers

Fabric crib rail covers

This one is basically made from soft materials that would protect the crib rails from the attacks of the baby. It is the most common form of crib covering. It has straps to secure the whole thing together, but they are far from the baby’s reach. It does need to be washed as often as possible because the baby is more than likely to drool into it or splash his milk onto it. It also has the unfortunate side effect of blocking the view of the environment from your baby.

Plastic crib rail cover

This one is unique because it would most likely be transparent. When you install one to the crib, then it would not cover the foundation of the crib’s frames. It would protect the rail from your baby’s bites, but your baby can become clever in a short time: he may attempt to remove the cover, and this one is easy to remove. The plastic nature of this cover would also let the baby’s drool fall to the floor or his mattress sheet, so you may have to pay attention when this happens.

Rubber crib rail cover

This one is much softer than its plastic-made counterpart. It is like a soft and squishy sheet to the rails. Your baby will enjoy chewing this thing, but it will not come off easily because it would be stuck to the rail via an adhesive. The downside is that when you decide to take the rubber cover off, the adhesive might stay on the rail, so you may also even spend time removing the leftover adhesive so that it won’t be bitten off by your baby.


Best crib rail cover

You may notice that the crib rail covers in this list are all made from fabric. Surprisingly, in my testing, the fabric crib rail covers far outperformed covers made from rubber, plastic or other materials.Of course, you can also choose the crib rail cover of corresponding material according to your own needs.I hope you can choose the product you are satisfied with.


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